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Program Membership

At the core of AASHI are its Academic Program Members. Engage with our extensive network of premier educational programs designed to empower students and professionals across various disciplines. AASHI offers three distinct program memberships:

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is available to non-academic entities or academic programs that do not grant a full degree in data analytics.

Individual Membership

AASHI offers Individual Membership for faculty at programs that are not currently Academic Program Members. Additionally, professionals who have an interest in health innovation education are also eligible for Individual Membership.

AASHI also offers Doctoral Student Individual Membership for Doctoral Students not affiliated with an AASHI Doctoral Program member and who have an interest in health innovation and AASHI member benefits.

International Program Membership

International Program Membership is available to programs outside the United States and Canada. Programs that have limited resources and are located in developing countries are eligible for Developing Country membership.