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In today’s data-driven healthcare environment, the ability to analyze and interpret health data is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care and improving healthcare outcomes. AASHI is proud to offer a suite of certification programs designed to equip healthcare professionals with the essential skills needed to excel in the field of health analytics.

Join us in advancing your career and contributing to the future of healthcare through the power of analytics. Explore our certification programs and take the first step towards becoming a certified health analytics professional today!

Certified Nursing Analytics Exam

The Certified Nursing Analytics Exam is designed for nursing professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in the rapidly growing field of healthcare analytics. This certification program covers a wide range of topics essential for modern nursing, including data collection, statistical analysis, and the application of data-driven insights to improve patient care.

Candidates will learn to interpret complex health data, utilize electronic health records (EHRs), and employ predictive analytics to anticipate patient needs and optimize nursing interventions. By earning this certification, nurses demonstrate their ability to leverage data to enhance patient outcomes, streamline healthcare processes, and contribute to the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery systems.

Certified PT Analytics Exam

The Certified Physical Therapy (PT) Analytics Exam is tailored for physical therapists who wish to integrate advanced data analytics into their practice. This certification program focuses on the analytical skills required to evaluate patient data, monitor treatment efficacy, and optimize therapeutic interventions. Topics include data management, statistical methods, and the use of specialized software to analyze physical therapy outcomes.

Certified professionals will be adept at using data to track patient progress, identify trends, and implement evidence-based practices. This certification signifies a physical therapist’s commitment to using data-driven insights to enhance patient rehabilitation and improve clinical decision-making.

Certified Health Data Exam

The Certified Health Data Exam provides a comprehensive certification for healthcare professionals involved in health data management and analysis. This program covers fundamental and advanced concepts in health informatics, data governance, and analytics. Candidates will gain proficiency in handling large datasets, employing data visualization techniques, and ensuring data quality and security.

The curriculum includes training on using health data to inform policy decisions, improve patient care, and conduct research. By obtaining this certification, professionals demonstrate their ability to effectively manage and analyze health data, driving improvements in healthcare systems and contributing to better health outcomes.

Certified OT Analytics Exam

The Certified Occupational Therapy (OT) Analytics Exam is aimed at occupational therapists who seek to enhance their practice through the application of data analytics. This certification program equips candidates with the skills to collect, analyze, and interpret data related to occupational therapy. Key topics include patient assessment data, outcome measurement, and the use of analytics tools to improve therapy effectiveness.

Certified professionals will be capable of leveraging data to tailor interventions, monitor patient progress, and demonstrate the value of occupational therapy services. Earning this certification indicates a therapist’s dedication to integrating data analytics into their practice, ultimately leading to improved patient care and therapeutic outcomes.

Certified Medical School Curriculum

The Certified Medical School Curriculum certification is designed for educators and administrators in medical schools who are committed to advancing the quality and effectiveness of medical education. This certification program focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive medical school curricula that meet the highest standards of educational excellence.


By earning this certification, professionals demonstrate their ability to create and manage curricula that not only impart foundational medical knowledge but also foster critical thinking, clinical skills, and professional development among medical students. This certification signifies a commitment to educational excellence and a dedication to preparing future physicians to meet the evolving challenges of healthcare.