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Doctoral Programs

AASHI Associate Doctoral Program Membership


AASHI offers Associate Doctoral Program Membership for any academic unit, university campus, or program in the US or abroad that provides a doctoral degree in healthcare data analytics from a regionally accredited institution.

Value, Connection, Distinction

AASHI is committed to delivering exceptional value, fostering meaningful connections, and promoting distinction among health innovation programs and faculty.


AASHI ensures that every dues dollar brings substantial value. Membership benefits extend to all faculty and doctoral students affiliated with the program, including:

  • Complimentary registration for most AASHI-sponsored webinars.
  • Free access to all digital issues of the ConductScience in Data Analytics Journal.
  • Subscription to The Exchange digital newsletter.
  • Access to shared curricula, syllabi, and case studies.
  • Marketing materials.

Members also enjoy discounted rates on:

  • AASHI conference registrations.
  • Job postings in the Career Center.
  • Health Data Analytics books and exams.


AASHI members highly value the ability to connect and share with peers.

  • Virtual Forums: Engage in topic-specific Faculty Forums, Discussion Groups, and the Open Forum.
  • Committees, Task Forces, and Advisory Groups: Contribute to shaping the association.
  • Webinars: Access expert insights on trending topics.
  • In-Person Conferences: Network with active and engaged health innovation professionals.
  • Prospective Students: Reach out through the AASHI Online Directory and customizable marketing videos and brochures.


AASHI offers numerous opportunities for national recognition of programs, faculty, and students.

  • Program Awards: Engagement with AASHI, New and Existing Programs.
  • Faculty Awards
  • Student Awards:
    • AASHI Honor Society.