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Affiliate Membership

Eligibility for AASHI Affiliate Membership


Affiliate Membership in AASHI is ideal for non-academic entities or academic programs that do not grant a full degree in health innovation. This membership is perfect for programs in areas such as health IT, health policy, health law, or informatics that wish to connect with the broader field of health innovation. Additionally, certificate and associate degree programs are eligible for Affiliate Membership. Programs offering a full degree in health innovation are not eligible for this membership category.

Affiliate Membership in AASHI is also designed to provide a platform for those delivering non-degree based health innovation and leadership education to collaborate with academic institutions. This partnership ensures the rigor and quality of the educational continuum in health innovation.

Value of AASHI Affiliate Membership


AASHI is committed to maximizing the value of every dues dollar. Affiliate Program membership extends access and benefits to up to five faculty members affiliated with the program.

Members receive at no additional cost:

  • Webinar Registration: Complimentary registration for most AASHI-sponsored webinars.
  • Journal Access: Free access to all digital issues of the Conduct Science in Data Analytics Journal.
  • Digital Newsletter: Subscription to The Exchange digital newsletter.
  • Educational Resources: Access to shared curriculums, syllabi, and case studies provided by members.
  • Marketing Materials: A variety of marketing materials to support your program’s outreach efforts.

Affiliate Members also benefit from discounted rates on:

  • Conference Registration: Reduced fees for AASHI conference attendance.
  • Job Postings: Lower rates for job postings in the AASHI Career Center.
  • Books and Exams: Discounted prices on Health Innovation Press books and exams.

Connection Benefits for AASHI Affiliate Members



Members consistently rate the ability to make connections and share with peers as one of the greatest benefits of AASHI.

  • Extensive Network: AASHI’s network includes a lot of innovation programs and faculties, connecting members to institutions and health innovation professionals worldwide.
  • Virtual Forums: Participate in topic-specific Faculty Forums, Discussion Groups, and the Open Forum to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Webinars: Engage with experts presenting the most current information on trending topics through our webinars.
  • In-Person Conferences: Attend conferences to meet and network with other active and engaged health innovation professionals.
  • Student Outreach: Connect with prospective students via the AASHI Online Directory and utilize free, customizable marketing videos and brochures to enhance outreach efforts.